Angel Reiki

What is Angel Reiki?Angel reiki

Rei is the universal energy that sustains all life.  It is everywhere.  In healing, we are working with this universal energy, which is limitless and ever abundant.

Ki (Chi, Prana, Mana) is the personal life energy of all living things.  It is our life force.

The Reiki practitioner draws down this universal energy (Rei) through their personal energy (ki) to the client.

Angel Reiki draws down the loving energy from the realms of the Angels and Ascended Masters to help soothe the body, mind and soul.  It works on eight chakras, or spiritual energy centres, throughout the body.

How Angel Reiki can benefit you

  • accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself and goes directly to the cause of dis-ease
  • brings harmony to the client by relieving physical and emotional blocks and energises both body and soul helping you to maintain a healthy balance whilst promoting a state of total relaxation
  • helps cleanse the body of poisons and toxins
  • brings clarity, focus and a sense of purpose
  • connects the client with and enables them to experience the energy of the Angel and Ascended Masters of the Light

Angel Reiki is completely safe for both the practitioner and client.

What happens in an Angel Reiki session?

The Angel Reiki session takes place in a calm and safe environment where the client is able to fully relax.  The client is asked to lie on a massage table fully clothed and will be draped with a blanket for temperature comfort.  The practitioner will place her hands on the client’s shoulders to start the session and may move her hands respectfully to other parts of the client’s body; asking permission before doing so.

During the session, the client may feel warmth coming from the practitioner’s hands and may experience the energy working on different parts of the body.  In all cases, it is a very pleasant experience for both the practitioner and the client.

Who is the Angel Reiki Practitioner?

Julie Ann Angel is a qualified Angel Reiki Master who has been practising Angel Reiki for many years.